We're a team of creative professionals who love developing solutions that add value to our customers business. We are from country Australia and have a practical background in the design, use and operation of farming plant and wish to add value where needed though great products. We want to take great ideas and make them a reality.


                  We will endeavour to put together a range of products to supply you the Australian Farmer and Ag Contractor with quality and reliability. With this in mind we look at each product in our range and ensure through testing in the real environment that it's up to the task.

                  Your problems are our problems.
                   We have a commitment to put our “Customers First”. We know that delivering on customers’ needs and wants should influence everything we do, and ultimately will benefit all of Ag Gear's various stakeholders. When you share a problem or an idea to improve Ag Gear, we will take you seriously and look to give prompt resolution and feedback.

                  We acknowledge that we’re human.  We have no interest in winning your trust under false pretences, by claiming to guarantee perfection. Inevitably, mistakes will happen but when mistakes and circumstances compromise your ability to use our product, we pledge to identify and implement a lasting solution as quickly as possible. And we will learn and adapt so that we don’t repeat our mistakes.

                  Everything we do is transparent , We believe in being clear and deliberate in everything we do and we also welcome open discussions on any issue that arise. So if something is on your mind, please let us know so we can sort though the issue achieving a sound result for all parties.